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Chapter one

Harley looked nervously down at the little white stick in her hand, then at her watch. 30 seconds.
30 seconds standing in between a joyous life of crime with her beloved mistah J or resigning herself to deskwork for nearly a year.
25 seconds. Harley paced in anticipation. She could just be coming down with a bug... 
20 seconds.
What would he say? Would he be sad? mad? happy? disappointed?
15 seconds.
What would he do to her? He never meant to hurt her, but sometimes his anger got the best of him.
10 seconds.
Harley stared at the little white stick in her hand. It could change her life forever.
5 seconds.
Harley nervously looked down at th stick. On it was a little red plus sign. It was positive, Harleen quinzell was pregnant.
The joker sat scribbling at some blueprints on his desk. He was intensely concentrated. Harley slowly walked into his office, he didn't look up.
"Mistah J?" She squeaked
"I'm busy Harles."
"Mistah J?"
"Harley, I'm buisy."
"Joker?" She said softly.
"I said not now!"
"But it's important."
"I'm sure it is sweetie, but I'm also sure it can wait."
The Joker whipped his head around, Harley new he hated his name, and she only used it when she was deadly serious. As soon as he saw the look on her face he knew something was wrong, and not like, the henchmen walked in on my shower wrong, but, I have five broken ribs, a broken leg, my head is cracked open, and batman is torturing me and telling aweful jokes at the same time wrong.
"Oh Harley, what's wrong?" He patted the arm of his chair, beckoning her to sit, she stood stalk still.
"I-I-I...I'm, well I'm, um..." she sqeaked out.
"It's alright Harley, you can tell me."
"Imreallysorryandiknowitsunexpectedanditsallmyfaultbutipromiseitsyours." she blurted out.
"Harley, are you pregnant?"
"Yes." She said as quiet as a mouse.
"I-I need to think, I'm going on a walk, I'll be back before 5.)
"Oh um, thats awefully short."
"A.M." he quickly says than walks out. 
Harley paced back and forth, back and forth. She had been doing this same thing for several hours, and the same thoughts raced around and around inher head.
the door swung open, revealing a tired looking Joker.
"Oh mistah J, I'm so sorry I just-"
"Hush now harley, we'll figure it out."
Harley promptly collapsed into the Joker's arms, sobbing her eyes out. There the two of them stayed for the next few minutes untill the sobbing quieted into a sniffle.
"Harley, I'm going to ask you a question, and I want you to answer it truthfully, and don't you lie to me, you know what I did to the last person who lied to me."
"Harley, do you want to keep the baby?"
"Oh I don't know, I don't want to abort it and I can't satand the thought of someone else raising my baby, so I guess that means I have to..."
"Harly" He said quite menacingly.
"We. We will raise the baby, you will stay out of work untill you give birth, and then stay the remaining months untill one year has past taking care of our child, then, and only then, will we make your triumphant return into the world by robbing the largest bank we can find. Understood?"
"Yes Joker"
"And harleen?"
His expression softened.
"Take care of yourself"
17 years and 9 months later
A girl with long red hair raced down the hallways of gotham high. She had medium pale skin, bright green eyes, and was quite tall for her age. She burst into the classroom and slid into her seat, seconds before the bell rang.
"Cutting it a little close there don't you think?" Said an upbeat voice. Clara whipped her head around.
"Tim!! Your back!!!" She very exitedly exlamed.
"Yeah, I got really sick."
"Too bad, you missed a ton of work, but I, being the greatest best friend ever, collected all your work for you."
Tim snorted.
"What? Don't I deserve a little bit of credit for painstakingly going to all of your classes, big and small?"
"We have almost the same schedule."
"So? I went to your seventh period for you."
"Fine, you are indeed the greatest best friend ever, after me of course." Tim said laughing.
"Why Timothy, you flatter me."
"Yeah, if you say so." Tim smiled, "either way, It's good to be back."
The reat of the day went uneventfully, and soon the final bell was ringing. Tim ran to catch up with Clara.
"Clara, wait up!" Clara turned around and waited.
"Oh, so you finally decided to show your face."
"Yeah, yeah, I know. So Mr. Wayne is throwing this huge dinner party thing tonight at 7, and I was wondering if you could come and keep me company so he doesn't force me to talk to any old boring people 'cause thinks I'm being antisocial. You know, as a friend."
"Of course, I'll just have to check with my parents, sometimes they plan things without me knowing. (In an uppity voice) But I will be most pleased to be your gall pall at this most formal event."
"Gall pall? Really? And it's formal dress, so don't show up looking like a hooligan."
"Well thats what I am."
"Gall pall or hooligan?"
"Your a wierdo, you know that?"
"Why yes, but I am a happy wierdo with an even wierder certain Timothy Drake standing next to them."
"True that, also, a wierdo who's about to miss their bus."
"Crap" Clara said than booked it torward her bus.
"Mom, Dad, I'm home!!!!!" Clara yelled as soon as she got through the door. Only silence greeted her. Clara sighed and went to the kitchen to pilfer whatever was in the fridge. Inside the fridge there was a note written in bright green ink;

Mommy and Daddy are out at work :) we'll be home soon (not sure exactly when, the news will give you a better idea) We love you,

It was just like her mother to put the note inside the fride as opposed to on it. Clara stuck a pop tart in the toaster and pushed down the lever. If her parents got caught again all her hopes of going to Mr. Waynes party thing were out the window. Clara waited a few more seconds before the pop tart came up with a ding. She grabbed it than headed towards the living room, Clara plopped down on the couch and turned on the T.V. 
"Breaking news, the infamous Joker and Harley Quinn have just stolen the priceless eye of nefertiti gem from the egyptian hall in gotham art museum. They were apprehended by batman, but sadly enough the Joker and Harly Quinn both got away with this priceless gem. Their getaway car was seen headed torward crime alley."
Clara snorted, Idiots, she thought, they don't know a decoy when they see one. There  was an abrupt knock at the back door, followed by manic laughing.
"Oh Clara!! Daddy got you something!!!"
Clara swung the door open and smiled a huge smile.
"Daddy!!!" She exlamed.
"Princess!" He replied.
"Wheres Mom?"
"Coming from a different direction, Batsy almost saw through our decoy this time" The Joker giggled and stepped inside.
"Why, we were almost locked up. And you wanna know why?" he laughed,"'Cause we made a stop down the art through the ages section and picked up a little something for you." His arm came out from behind his back, to reveal one of the things Clara had asked for for her birthday. An original Calder mobile.
"Daddy!!!" She sqealed.
"I know it's late, but I didn't want them to pump up security, that would make it a little hard to get the gem, dontya think?" He laughed "Happy birthday princess." He said than handed Clara her mobile.
"Thank you daddy!!" she said, hugging him, then racing downstairs. She slid down the banister and landed with a triple back handspring. Clara made her way to a door near the end of the hallway, taking an intricate key out of her pocket. She slid the key in, turned it, and the door swung open with a click to reveal a small staircase, Clara climbed down them. At the bottom there was yet another door, this door, however, had an electronic keypad and palm reader next to it. Clara typed in the code and scanned her hand. Beyond the door there was a room with bright pink walls full of clownish weapons, ranging from Clara's own adaptation of her fathers joy buzzer ring, to an emergency sprayer of joker venom disquised as pepper spray that she was forced to carry at all times. For a pair of insane supervillains they were oddly protective of her. Clara walked through the room and into another room with bright orange walls. This room was full of priceless artwork that had gone missing without a trace, as well as quaint little peices people generally didn't notice were missing because they were done in a joint robbery with some other much more valuable piece.
       She walked over to the far corner of the room, which was filled with abstract pieces of art from the early twenty-first century, and hung the mobile near the air conditioning vent. From there, Clara traveled over to a large room painted bright red. The room contained neon purple couches and chairs, an impressive flatscreen tv with a variety of gaming consoles, a minifridge stocked with snacks, a simple black vanity, a stunning wooden writing desk covered in all sorts of papers, pens, and knick-knacks, but the piece that drew the most attention was a glass case holding a clown outfit. The outfit was a bright neon purple jumpsuit with the legs cut off mid-thigh and the sleeves cut into triangles with one tip pointing straight down (on both sides), where the downwards facing tip met the body of the jumpsuit on the left side there was a large silver clown flower with a taunting grin on it's face. The jumpsuit had a stripe running diagonally down to the left hip, where a large red pouch was zipped. For footwear, there was a pair of black mary jane shoes with clunky heels paired with black and white horizontally striped knee high socks. To top it all off was a silver joy buzzer ring and small silver crown with curled down points. This ensemble was not yet famous in the world of crime, as her parents had only allowed her to do small jobs thus far, but now that she was 17, the world would learn to truly fear the woman who would go inside the suit.
"Oh Mistah J! I'm ho-ome!!!" Harley called from the front entryway. 
"Mom!!!" Clara screamed from the kitchen.
"Sweetie pie! Did daddy give you his little gift?"
"Urm, yeah. Hey, I was wondering if I could go to a party tonight?"
"Um, Wayne manor."
"Okie-dokie! Have fun tonight, enjoy it 'cause we're probably going to crash his next party!!"
"Thanks mom!!! Love you!!" Clara  yelled running upstairs to her room before she could say no.
Clara rifled through her extensive closet, looking for something to wear to that nights events. She flipped through the organized racks of clothing, altogether unsure of what to wear. Purple? No, It made her look to much like her alter ego. Pink? No, she was 17, not 4. Yellow? Nope, too bright, she didn't want to look like a daffodil.  Green? Possibly, but probably not, as it was poison ivy's signature color. White? Fitting, but she wasn't getting married. Clara sighed deeply and turned to the corner of the closet, looking at the dreaded dress that hung there. Black. Boring, simple, uncolorful, fitting, black. It was a stunning dress, it realy was, it had a tight fitting bodice with no sleeves and a sweetheart neckline. The bodice piece was fairly formfitting until it started to evenly flow outwards just past the hips. The dress wasn't quite mermaid, as the bodice was undiscernable from the part that flowed outwards, but it was darn close. The only problem was that it was black. Clara had her parents tastes in color, she could deal with a little bit of black, so long as it had a contrasting color, but she much preferred the bright, clashing colors of the circus. 
       Clara draped the dress on a chair and crouched down to reach her long rack of shoes. She quickly decided on a pair of simple black flats and added them to her dress on the chair. Her parent's careers had allowed for her to grow up in the spacious home she was standing in, her closet and wardrobe were huge, she had a beautiful bathroom, and a bedroom that would make most girls jealous. Of course, everyone at school thought she lived in a medium sized condo with her parents, the only people who ever came to visit were criminal acquaintances of her parents. This was one of many reasons why she only really had one friend.
       Clara walked into the bathroom and took off her clothes, she slipped into the shower and let the warm water run down her sides. What was she doing? Going to a high end party with some of the most wealthy people in gotham, the same people who her parents worked to steal from every day. It was too late to back down now, she had already made a commitment, and not going would make her a liar, the worst type of person. Clara had been raised to hate liars, and had seen what happened when people lied to her father multiple times.
       Clara stepped out of the shower and put on her robe, she continued to get ready, until the last thing she needed to do was pick out jewelry. Jewelry was hard, especially considering half the items in her jewelry box were stolen. If anyone asked about where she got the dress, she could just say she loaned it from her aunt's 4th husband's sister, but if they asked where she got the stolen priceless gem on her neck, that could be a problem. Clara slowly separated her "borrowed" gems from her "fancy enough to fly at the party but inconspicuous and believable enough to go unnoticed for the most part" gems. She finally decided on a pair of round navy studs and a silver necklace with a navy blue teardrop quartz hanging from it, the silver was all fake of course, but it still looked nice with her dress and bun.
       Clara sighed and checked the clock, It was 5:47, and Wayne manor was aways away. She went into her large bedroom and picked up her phone, dialing the number of the private cab company owned by her parents.
"Hello, yellow green cab company, this is Wendy speaking."
"Hello, my name is Clara Quinby and I will need a cab to-"
"The City hall district?"
"Actually yeah, how did you know that?"
"We have a mapping system that tracks where our incoming calls come from. We will be there in twenty minutes."
"Um, thanks."
"Your welcome. Goodbye."
 with a click the phone hung up, leaving Clara to wait for twenty minutes. She passed the time by pacing and occasionally touching up her makeup and hair. When there were about 4 minutes left for her to wait, she grabbed a simple black clutch with some spare cash, lip gloss, and her ever present Joker venom/pepper spray combo squirter (Joker venom for truly desperate situations, pepper spray for milder dangers) and headed to the porch just as she heard the honk of her cabs horn
JokerXHarley Quinn daughter. This is my very first Fanfic or deviation so I would appreciate any suggestions you guys have. Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Alfred, Batwoman, the Joker, Harley Quinn, Commisioner gordan, and any other DC characters are trademarks of DC comics. Clara and this plotline are all my ORIGINAL work, so if you want to write any sidefics or otherwise you must ask and if I like the storyline I will approve. I don't really have an editor yet so it may be a little rough around the edges. If you have any ideas for the next chapter please personal message me. PLEASE READ THIS SECTION AS THIS WILL BE THE LONGEST ONE I DO. Please spread the word. 
Don't be afraid to comment! I try to respond to everyone and always read them.
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